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Not only does OX Paper Tube & Core provide the highest quality, 100% recycled paper tubes for packaging, shipping/mailing and protection tubes, but also we provide personalized customer service and consultation.  Rely on our experience, creativity, and innovation to help you create even the most challenging of packaging solutions.

We’ve got just about every option and feature imaginable to meet your packaging, shipping/mailing and protection needs:

  • Saw cut lengths up to the maximum shippable length
  • Wall thickness from .030 up to 1”
  • No minimums
  • 48 hour turnaround
  • Printing capabilities:
    • Logos printed inside or outside in-line
    • Printed liners and covers
  • ID marking and color-coding
  • Shipping/mailing tubes
    • Poly plugs from 1 ½ “ to 12” diameter
    • Metal end caps from 1” to 8” diameter
  • Poly coated inside and out
  • Splitting in any diameter
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Contact Ox Paper Tube & Core today to begin planning your packaging and protection for your product(s).  Whether an independent operator or a multi-national corporation, we ensure each client receives individualized attention, dependable service, and prompt delivery to meet the needs of its business.  Contact our team today for a quote by calling 800-414-2476 or by submitting this online form.